Over the years and through the changing fortunes of the country, it established itself as perhaps no other private institution has done being actively connected to Portuguese cultural life, at times undertaking initiatives, at others collaborating according to the needs of national life. An example of this was the Society’s receiving, in 1877, the Emperor of Brazil and, in 1903, the British king, Edward VII. In 1905, it was visited by the German Emperor and the President of the French Republic, Loubet. These visitors to the Society were accompanied by King Carlos. In 1910, on the eve of the Republic, it welcomed the President Elect of Brazil, Marshal Hermes da Fonseca.

This prestigious participation in such politically significant visits, clearly indicates the position of the S.G.L. in national life.

1877D. Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil, which received the diploma of Membership on September 3.
1879Otto Schütt (…), German explorer, who performed at a conference at the Society on geographical exploration between the Cuanza and the Kasai.
1891Cameron, english explorer who came to thank the Medal of Honor awarded to him by the Society.
1900Príncipe Henrique d’Orleães, viajante notabilíssimo, que explorou o Tibete e a Abissínia.
1901Society of Oceanography Special Mission of the Gulf of Gascony.
1902Edgar Prestage, english academic and remarkable lusophile.
1903Rei Eduardo VII, of England, who was elected Honorary Member in April 21.
1905Emperor of Germany, Guilherme II. [1, 2]
 President Loubet, of the French Republic. [1, 2]
 Príncipe Luís de Battenberg and Grão-Duque de Mecklemburgo.
1908Sir Clements Markham, former President of the Royal Geographical Society of London.
 Milliés Lacroix, Minister of the Colonies from the French Government.
1910President the the Brazilian Republic, Hermes da Fonseca.
 Prince of Loewenstein.
1926General Hertzog, prime-minister of the South-African Union.
1930Imperial Princes of Japan.
1931Prínce of Wales.
1942Pedro de Nova, vice-president of Madrid’s Geographic Society.
1944Henry Norweb, U.S.A. minister
1945Owen O’Malley, ambassador of England.
 J. du Sault, ambassador of France.
 D. Teodósio Gouveia, Cardinal missionary, Archbishop of Lourenço Marques.
1948Dr. Don Isidoro Escagues y Javierre, Professor of Geography and History and Academic Correspondent of History, Moral and Political Sciences Academies of Spain
 Dr. Pierre Berès, notorious French bibliophile.
 Prof. Don Adolfo Lison, Spanish writer and novelist.
 Dr. W. Boven, director of the Medical School of Lausanne.
1949Brazilian delegation to the XVI International Congress of Geography.
 Dr. Edmond Dartevelle, geologist of Belgian Congo Museum.
1956Prof. R. Dart, Witwatersrand Universtiy
1956Prof. Pedro Calmon, brasilian academic
1957Prof. Karl Hansen, Hamburg University
1961Dra. Catherine D. Smith, leader of University Expedition to Madeira
1964Prof. Marie-Antoniette Tonnclat, Sorbonne professor
1965Prof. Gilberto Freyre, Recife’s University
1966Sir Archibald Ross, England ambassador
1967Dr. José de Alencar, Brasil ambassador
 Arcebispo Hugo Abdulla Rahal, vicar of Damascus
1969Frank Borman, Apolo VIII astronaut [1, 2]
 Dr. Danilo de Matos Areosa, governor of the State of Amazonas
1970Prof. Jean Hiernaux, Brussels University
1971Dr. Abdal Kader Mekhta, Egypt Museum Director
1972Dr. Benjamin B. Fu, in charge of China Business
1973Prof. Manuel Fraga Iribarne, Madrid University
1975Rear Admiral Iohan Leieder, U.S. Navy
1975Prof. John E. Dawson, from U.S.A. Government
1978Comodoro Robert Irving, Royal Navy
1980Prof. Cathel O’Neill, Dublin University
1985Dr. Abdallah Tari, Morroco embassy counselor
1988Dr. Isaqui Abdel Hakin, Marrocos ambassador
2000Dr. Gerald McGowan, U.S.A. amabassador
2000D. Carlos Ximenes Belo, Díli bishop, Nobel Peace Prize 1999
2000Prof. Ngujen Van Haan, Hanói University
2002D. José Policarpo, Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon
2002Dr. Fradique de Menezes, President of the Republic of S. Tome and Principe
2003Dr. Jorge Sampaio, President of Portugal
2005Archduke Otton de Absburg Lorraine
2005Ambassador Luís Fonseca, Executive Secretary of CPLP
2006Coronel Vítor Alves, former Education Minister
2007Dr. Vital Kaderk, President of the Assembly of the Republic of Congo
2007Catherine Krieg Polejack, Switzerland ambassador [1, 2]
2007Satoshi Hara, Japan ambassador
2007Prof. Aníbal Cavaco Silva, President of Portugal [1, 2]
2008Dr. Francisco Benante, President of the Assembly of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau [1, 2]