Article 37 (Professional Sections). – The Professional Sections are:

The Professional Sections aim at the study, elucidation and consultation of matters that are especially important to the sciences, arts or social activities that, respectively, characterize them by the denomination of the same Sections and by the predominant aptitudes or professions of the members that constitute them.

Article 51 (Summary) – The Board of Directors of the Company is permanently constituted and exercised by a body of fifteen directors elected by the General Meeting and composed of:

  • A President of the Society who is the Board of Directors;
  • Two Secretaries-General, one of whom will be a Perpetual Secretary, if any, and who will also be the Secretaries of the Board and Board of Directors;
  • Twelve more directors, among which the Board chooses:
    • Four Vice Presidents;
    • Two Deputy Secretaries;
    • a Treasurer,
  • and those who deem it convenient to direct the most social services or make up for the impediments and faults of the most directors.

Article 61 – The title of Honorary President is conferred upon the President who has been for three or more years, when he ceases to be, continuing as a member and while he is, regardless of any other distinction that at any time the Society deems shall confer upon him, continuing as a member and for as long as he is, the title of Honorary President, regardless of any other distinction that at any time the Society deems it necessary to confer upon him.