Today, the maintenance and strengthening of cultural and scientific ties with Portuguese speaking countries through conferences, seminars, the production of books and the systematic publication of the Boletim is a fundamental concern. General cultural activity in a wide variety of fields has also been on the increase. From the study of the rational exploitation and exploration of the oceans, cartography and mathematical geography as well as the conservation of cultural heritage to the most varied areas of historical and literary study, its Committees and Departments have demonstrated the range of S.G.L. activity.

The four General Committees should be mentioned as well as the fifteen Professional Departments. Encompassing a large amount of the knowledge deriving from Cartography and Mathematical Geography, through Literature and Historical studies on Heritage, these work groups have held numerous study sessions, presenting papers and debates where varied initiatives have been put forward. The Boletim da S.G.L. keeps readers up to date with these sessions through summaries or even in the reproduction of papers given.